TIER BONAVI has contributed high-quality  services  in  Housing  and Office Maintenance  Contractor.  In  this  new millennium  era  with  higher  housing standard,  the  company  is  committed  to give  best  services,  faster  and  yet  safe  in accordance  to  Health  Safety  and Environment (HSE) standard and integrated with  outsourcing  system  which  is  pre-arranged  in  a  package  service  both  for building/  office  maintenance  and  housing maintenance; since  expatriate  arrival  up  to their  convenience  facilities  during  their employment  in  Indonesia,  especially Jakarta.  Much  progress  has  been  made  to improve building  and  housing facilities, not less  any  complaints  given  to  help  us improve  and  perform  better  at  future projects.

Mission and Vision


As  the  world  continues  to  develop  and change,  TIER BONAVI  as  a business must continue to flourish over the next  ten  years  and  ahead.  In  order  to  do so, we must understand the drift and forces that  will  shape  our  business  in  the  future; we must move forward and move promptly to sketch for what is to come. We must get ready for the future now, through providing every  single  service  performance  with  the best quality that we are able to deliver.

Our mission is the  reason why we  exist. It reflects our purpose as a company.

  1. To  provide  integrated  building  and housing  facility  services  locally  and nationally  in  Indonesia;  in  particular oil-resource related companie.
  2. To be an industry leading provider of engineering,  Construction,  electrical, civil  works,  and  overall  building maintenance services
  3. To  create  value  through  people management  processes  that complies  with  standardized  HSE (Health,  Safety,  and  Environmental) and make a difference by increasing the  core  competence  of  outsourcing scales of organizations

We need a framework to furnish our vision by  describing  what  we  need  to  attain  in order  to  achieve  sustainable  competitive growth as a business.

  1. People:  In  our  working environment,  we  would  like  to realize  our  employees’  full  potential by  treating  them  fairly  and  with respect, providing them training, and as  well  to  preserve  their  health, safety and wellbeing
  2. Partners:  We  cultivate  affiliation network of customers  and suppliers, to deliver better values and produce mutual relationships
  3. Profit: Maximize long-term return to shareowners  while  being  mindful  of our overall responsibilities.
  4. Productivity:  To  be  a  successful yet  highly  effective  and  fast-moving business venture.

The directions of our  company  movements are described throughout our core values.   Together,  TIER BONAVI committed  to  coordinate  multiple  work streams  through  an  increased  focus  of becoming  the  facility  management  leader nationwide.

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